It genuinely blows my mind that some people still hate others for the colour of their skin or what they choose to put in their butt like sort your priorities out, you fucking dildos.

Have I told you how pretty you are? You look like an older Wednesday Addams.

I shrieked!! I love that compliment!!

proof of how much that means to me.

You are so beautiful, I love drawing you (may draw you again soon :3 ) Btw your figure is amazing, do you do any exercises to keep your figure?

AWESOME let me know if you do!

I would love to say that I workout every week but it’s mostly improv dance sessions! but I do yoga and run.

Also I’m vegan so I have a faster metabolism and try to eat healthy (except when I’m doing the complete opposite, ONLY EXTREMES!)


now that my second session is done, it’s the start of no tshirt week.

I know I’m supposed to be butt hurt over being in the latest UhOhBro but how much of a hypocrite would I be? I laughed! Don’t take yourself to seriously.

Second tattoo session for my back! Again… THIS IS GONNA HURT!